How do we make an appoinment?

To schedule an appointment at Dr. Chugh’s Clinic, please call between 10 AM and 6 PM from Monday to Saturday at the clinic numbers.

Appointments with Dr. Sanjay Chugh are confirmed only after the payment is received. Please talk at the clinic reception to find more about payment options.

What should we expect on our first appointment?

Your first meeting with Dr. Chugh is preceded by a detailed History Taking session with one of the Counselors. It is desirable to carry your previous medical records. It would be useful to make a note of the problems that you wish to discuss or the symptoms that you have been experiencing. This allows for effective utilization of your time.

Will we need to wait?

We value your time and ours. This is why we work only through appointments. We need to spend a good deal of time with each of our clients and so we do not entertain people on a walk-in basis.

We are very punctual with our appointment timings and expect the same from our clients.

What is a missed appointment?

When we schedule an appointment, we set aside that duration for you. If you are late, we will be able to give you only the remaining amount of time from the slot set aside for you. In case you do not show up, the appointment is considered to be a missed appointment and it is charged for. Any change or cancellation in your appointments needs to be made at least 24 hours in advance, else it is counted as a missed appointment. You may cancel or reschedule an appointment by calling on our clinic numbers. It is rare, but in case we do not respond to your call, please convey your message through a text or Whatsapp message.

What can we do in a crisis situation?

If you are in treatment at Dr. Chugh’s Clinic, please call on the clinic numbers, particularly 9811079401 / 9891486368 and someone will attend to you. As a policy, we do not give out our personal numbers to our clients. This helps us maintain healthy boundaries and work more effectively. Kindly respect this and refrain from asking for personal numbers and other details.