Dr. Sanjay Chugh



Dr. Sanjay Chugh

Dr. Chugh is a psychiatrist, a doting father, an avid quizzer, a J.A.M. champ, and a learner, all rolled into one. He believes that there is no substitute for competence and efficacy. Forever eager to learn about the latest developments in the field of mental health, he has been a pioneer in a wide range of treatment modalities in India.

His clarity of thought and oratory skills have made him popular not just at parties but also in the media.

He practices what he calls “A common-sense approach to Psychiatry”. He believes that in psychiatry it is imperative that we spend time with each patient and understand the problem. He ensures that the medication is kept at the least, yet optimal level.

What sets Dr. Chugh apart is not just his expertise but also his ability to strike a rapport with his clients instantly. Clients often report feeling better just by meeting him as he generates a certain confidence in them and gives them hope.







  • Speciality: Cardiac Electrophysiology
  • Education: MBBS, Cardiology
  • Availability: Monday - Wednesday, 9am to 5pm