Purnima Sahai


[M.Sc Applied Psychology, P.G. Dip. Counselling Psychology]
Purnima, in her own admission, says she is an old soul in a (not so) young body. She feels she got lucky that she entered this profession because this doesn’t feel like ‘work’ to her. Being inherently a good listener and an ‘empath’, Therapy is something that comes naturally to her. She bases her work on the premise that ‘We can only go as far with a client as we ourselves have traveled.’ Hence, as she works with her clients, she is constantly working upon herself too. She finds working as a therapist a wonderful way towards self-growth.
Purnima uses an Existential approach to understanding her clients although she uses varied Cognitive Behavior Tools to help her clients work through their situations. She has huge experience in working with people suffering from psychiatric conditions, relationship problems, and personality related problems. Her expertise, however, lies in working with those who wish to explore their internal conflicts and figure how the choices they have made in life have lead them to the current state. She works intensely with themes like abuse, loss, grief, loneliness, helplessness and meaninglessness.
In her endeavor to work upon her own self, and to undo the heaviness of a regular work-day, Purnima took the help of Yoga. This has now become a way of life for her that not only keeps her stable and grounded, but helps her gain clarity.
Purnima is currently a member of the Executive Committee of the Indian Association for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (IACBT). http://iacbt.org
Purnima has been working since 2003. She started her career at Prottoy Medical Clinic, Dhaka, Bangladesh. After a year of intensive work with Substance Abuse and Psychiatric Rehabilitation, she came back to India and joined Dr. Sanjay Chugh’s Clinic, New Delhi. She continues to be an integral part of this time while she takes up independent professional pursuits such as conducting workshops, working with schools, and providing consultancy.